I. About iHelmet

1. Can hair loss be treated with other drugs while using iHelmet?

Yes. In most cases, there are two kinds of drugs that are used: minoxidil (external use) and finasteride (taken orally/suitable for men). We suggest using external medications or a topical nutrient solution 30 minutes after using the iHelmet since the scalp retains heat after the light treatment. When warm, the follicles are opened; this is the optimum time for absorbing medication. iHelmet uses a medical grade soft laser light to stimulate shrunken hair follicles enabling them to enter the anagen phase of growth. It is a medically approved and safe treatment which does not have any side effects nor conflict with other treatments.

2. Should it be used after washing the hair?

iHelmet is best used on clean, dry hair. Make sure the scalp is dry otherwise the humidity detected by the sensors will affect the treatment time. Because water will absorb the energy of the laser, it will reduce its overall effectiveness.

3. What is the best time of day/night to use iHelmet?

Anytime, the effect will be the same. In fact, soft light therapy may improve the quality of sleep when used before going bedtime.

4. How long is an entire treatment cycle?

Depending upon the cycle each individual hair is in, the treatment cycle on average is as follows:
1) Decreases hair oil/sebum in 1 month
2) Stops hair loss and nourishes hair in 2-3 months
3) Grows new hair in 3-6 months.

Hair that is already in the Anagen growth phase will continue to grow with improved strength. Maximum benefit can be reached after regular use for 1 to 1.5 years and maintenance use 2-4 times per month.

5. How soon will I see changes?

You should see fundamental changes in your scalp health, such as decreased/balanced oil/sebum within a month’s time. It takes hair follicles 3-4 months to change from telogen (shed phase) to anagen (growth phase). It is also wise to use the iHelmet regularly for a time after anesthesia or stressful events to ensure the healthy growth cycle is not interrupted.

6. How to expose the hair at the hair loss area?

For those with shorter hair, you may simply place the iHelmet on the head and begin treatment. For longer styles, you should brush, comb or tussle the hair to expose the area(s) that require treatment. Use a hairpin to secure hair away from thin areas, if needed.

7. How long after a hair transplant can iHelmet be used?

It is ok to use it 3 days after the scabs have cleared (which takes 7-10 days). However, make sure that there are no open wounds on the head. This also applies for post PRP injections used for hair regeneration. As always, please consult with your doctor or Hair Loss Specialist for clearance before using iHelmet.

8. Is there an initial onset of shedding with the treatment?

Onset shedding is possible if your hair is in the catagen or telogen phase when treatment began. During this period, your hair is transitioning from one phase to the next and will begin to show new growth quickly. It is possible that you may have an increase in hair loss for a short period of time. After the hair follicles have completed the accelerated end of the cycle process and are entering the anagen phase, new hair will grow again.

The following diagram displays the hair cycle:
ANAGEN (Growth Phase- lasts 2-6 years) CATAGEN (Resting Phase- lasts 2-3 weeks) TELOGEN (Shedding Phase- lasts 2-3 months) and then returning to the ANAGEN phase and repeating the cycle. If the user is in the stable period of hair loss, and more hair is in the catagen and telogen stage, then the laser will accelerate the hair follicles to move from the catagen and telogen stage to the anagen stage. Low-level laser light can penetrate the dermis to a depth of 3-5mm and stimulate mitochondria to improve the production of ATP which is a key energy hair follicle cell. More ATP means more efficient metabolism of hair follicles, acceleration of the separation from catagen and telogen and speeding up to enter and stay in the anagen state as long as possible.

II. About the iHelmet App

1. How to determine the level of hair oil?

iHelmet has an integrated high precision sensor and utilizes a proprietary algorithm to measure the scalp oil level. The reaction is very sensitive, and it can perceive minute changes in the oil level of the scalp. Scalp oil is easily affected by the moisture of the hair and scalp which then produces a deviation which can affect the proper treatment time.
Factors to consider before using the unit.

  1. When the hair was just washed and dried, the hair roots and scalp are not dry. There may be residual water remaining which can lead to higher hair oil level readings; perhaps more than 90%.
  2. When you have just finished a physical activity or the ambient temperature exceeds 82 degrees (F), the scalp secretes a great deal of sweat. The water in the sweat will also lead to higher hair oil level readings; sometimes more than 90%.
2. Why can’t the Bluetooth on my phone connect to the iHelmet?
  1. First, confirm you have the proper version of O/S on your mobile phone:
    – Android version 4.3 or higher
    – Apple iOS version 7.0.1 or higher
  2. Download iHelmet BLE app in Apple App Store or Google Play store
  3. Open the iHelmet device; confirm that the green power indicator light is on, and blue lights are flashing in front of the helmet.
  4. Open the iHelmet BLE app, switch to the “Treatment” module, and it will automatically find the device. Choose iHelmet and click “link”.

    If repeated searching does not find the unit, please restart your mobile phone and try again. You can also uninstall the iHelmet BLE app, then download and install it again.

3. Why does the APP fail when in use?

Due to the iHelmet device and iHelmet BLE app being connected through a wireless signal, it is possible that physical barriers and other environmental issues may impact the unit’s ability to communicate. If the iHelmet device is connected when starting the treatment, it will automatically save all the records and when it re-establishes a connection with your phone, the data will be uploaded to the backup server and saved.

4. How do I view treatment records?

Click the progress bar area below the treatment page, and you can view the records of the current month and the running total. By clicking the arrows on each side of the month, you can view the detailed records for the adjacent months.

5. I had the proper lighting in place but have no records, why?

There are two potential causes:

  1.  When you remove the iHelmet device, the ongoing treatment enters the suspended mode. If you do not restart within 3 minutes, the iHelmet will automatically shut down and treatment data will not be recorded.
  2. If you complete the entire treatment, however upon completion the iHelmet does not establish a connection with the APP, the record will be stored in the unit. Upon the next connection to the APP, the data will automatically upload and update on the server.
6. Must I keep the APP active on the phone while the iHelmet is in use?

iHelmet requires the iHelmet BLE app to start the treatment process only. You can utilize other applications during that time and the phone will store the data and communicate again once a connection to the iHelmet BLE app has been re-established.

III. Using the iHelmet

1. Why does the length of treatment change each time?

Laser power is affected by the environmental temperature; the higher the temperature the lower the power. Between winter and summer, temperature differences can be more than 30%. In short, laser energy = laser power lighting time. To ensure that the treatment is effective, it is necessary to that the laser energy is constant. When the laser power drops, it will compensate by increasing the treatment time, and when the laser power increases, it is necessary to reduce the exposure time. To achieve this, iHelmet has built-in high-precision sensors to monitor the environmental temperature at each startup, and automatically determine the time of lighting to ensure that the total energy is constant. This is one of the unique advantages of the iHelmet laser hair product.

2. Can it be used every day?

There is no need to use it every day, however, every other day is recommended. The hair follicle tissue absorption of laser energy takes some time to carry out a series of biochemical reactions to promote cell growth. Therefore, in order to fully meet the needs of cell growth, using iHelmet every other day will allow a cumulative process for development.

3. Should I stop using it after a whole year?

After achieving the best hair effect, you should still use it twice a week to maintain the full growth effect. By then it should have developed into a habit, like brushing your teeth. It is always more efficient to care for your hair consistently on a daily basis.

4. How often can it be used after being fully charged?

iHelmet should be charged after each use to provide optimal performance for the next use.

5. Can the iHelmet sound be lowered or turned off?

When the iHelmet BLE app is connected to the iHelmet device, the upper left corner of the light interface has a horn icon. By tapping on this, you can turn the sound on and off but the sound levels cannot be adjusted.

6. When I use the iHelmet, I feel very hot and sweaty, is anything wrong?

Laser irradiation is accompanied by a thermal effect which accelerates the blood circulation of the head to stimulate the hair growth. If the environmental temperature gets higher than 26° C (79° F) during use, the thermal effect will cause the secretion of sweat in the scalp. Keep in mind that in the summer, it is normal that it results in an increase in moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to use the iHelmet in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment.

IV. Security

1. Who should not use the iHelmet?
  • Minors under the age of 18
  • Dark-skinned individuals
  • Pregnant women
  • For lactating women, avoid shining the light in the baby’s eyes when using the iHelmet
  • People with epilepsy
  • People with light sensitivity
  • Have any open wounds or skin diseases of the scalp
2. Who will benefit from using the iHelmet?

It is beneficial to use the iHelmet in the early and middle stages of androgenic alopecia (male class I-V and female class I-II) for:

           – Hair restoration
           – Maintaining hair growth after a hair transplant
           – Counter hair loss caused by stress or postpartum
           – Combat hair loss after chemotherapy, and for the treatment of alopecia areata.
           – It is also beneficial in the treatment of non-pathological hair loss; such as congenitally poor hair, hair
             malnutrition or hair loss caused by mental stress.

3. Are there any effects on the brain since I am putting the iHelmet on my head? Are there any other hidden risks?

This product is safe with no side effects and has passed the strict tests of the International Medical Safety Standards IEC60601-1, and Home Health Safety Standards IEC60601-1-11. It uses the wavelength of 650nm and is a low power 5mw energy laser. The laser energy can only reach the dermis but it won’t penetrate the dermis and it certainly will not reach the skull. As proven by extensive clinical trials, the laser iHelmet can speeds up the scalp blood circulation and improve the blood supply. To date, there is not a single report of any negative side effects.

4. Does the product have any certifications?

iHelmet has passed the European CE certification and FDA certification inspection, all test reports are issued by the international independent inspection agency SGS, including IEC60601-1 (medical equipment system general safety standards), IEC60601-1-2 (medical equipment electromagnetic compatibility standards), IEC60825-1 (medical laser standard), IEC60601-1-11 b (household medical equipment safety and performance standards), through certified testing in accordance with the most stringent standards.

V. Treatment Plan & Warranty

1. What is the customized treatment plan?

There are 200 high-density laser diodes in our iHelmet, which are divided into seven areas. Every area has the ability to uniquely adjust the light intensity. Therefore, it can customize lighting solutions for each user, increase illumination in the hair loss area, and reduce the illumination in areas with no hair loss. This greatly improves the effect of the iHelmet and provides a more accurate and improved outcome.

2. How does the iHelmet customize a treatment plan?

When you select your type of hair loss, the laser light illumination protocol will be modified. Should you choose a different mode, the protocol will be modified to best suit these changes in order to provide the best results.

3. What is the warranty policy?

iHelmet provides one year of warranty against defects that are not caused by misuse of the product, including the battery. Our satisfaction warranty states you will have an improvement in your hair loss after using the iHelmet as prescribed for 1 year. Should you not see a an improvement, you will be entitled to a full refund. The treatment plan followed must be submitted for review and the logs of the unit will be used to confirm conformity to the protocol.